What would you tell your 18-year-old self?

November 30, 2016

...and other adventures of silliness

Driving from DC through Virginia to the Carolinas, Mary and I had a LOT of time on our hands. Lots of discussions about the podcast, the women we were meeting, and the adventures we were having caused us to want to record ourselves talking. So, with the iPhone recording through the MINI speakers, we started sharing answers to the question: What would you tell your 18yo self?

Thankfully, we have a kickass podcast producer Tony Porreco (@tonyporreco) who knows how to edit. He took our 30 minute conversation down to a few bite-sized minutes of the two of us sharing our adult advice with our 18 year old self.


Also, we went ziplining at GoApe (yes, we paid full-price and no, they didn’t sponsor us to say this) and had a blast! The lovely Cheney put together a video of the hilarity of our treetop adventures with Raleigh resident, Lisa Sullivan (connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram). 

What would you tell YOUR 18-year-old self?
We want to know! Comment below or send us a social note.


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