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Your Fairy Guidemother Is On Zoom

WednesDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2023

7am PT | 10Am ET | 3pm UTC

Feeling stuck in life or work?

Register now for an exclusive LIVE call with Melanie Spring to make a wish, ask a question, brainstorm an idea, or seek an intuitive hit. This one-hour call is designed to help you move forward on your personal and professional growth path with confidence and ease.


“Thank you Fairy Guidemother for hosting this call. You are gifted in quickly drilling down to guide others to become more self aware, present, and help realign their priorities.” – Jessica C.

What to expect

Have you ever longed for a Fairy Godmother?

A Fairy Godmother is an enchanting presence with a wand that appears when life feels stagnant, granting your wishes and unveiling the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead.

Consider every wish, every dream, and every “if only” moment you’ve ever had. Now, envision a reality where all those dreams, wishes, and “if onlys” transform into your everyday existence. Your life would be forever altered.

Introducing Melanie Spring – Your Fairy Guidemother.

Melanie’s specialty lies in shifting perspectives, answering burning questions, and igniting innovative ideas. She does this all with the touch of her experiential and intuitive magic.

Sign up for this extraordinary opportunity, submit your most pressing question, desired wish, or bold idea, and watch as Melanie selects questions for in-depth exploration while providing live Guidemothering.

Join us for this live event on Wednesday, October 18 at 10am ET. Let’s make your wishes come true.

Who is Melanie Spring?

Before becoming your Fairy Guidemother, Melanie Spring spent two decades supporting Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and CEOS of household brand names building out their personal and professional brand strategies. Now, as the leader of The Brilliant Rebellion, Melanie un-trains Rebels to step into who they are really here to be while giving them the tools to build purposeful businesses and careers.

Fusing the art of personal development with ancient healing practices, as well as incorporating expertise in public speaking and business strategy, Melanie and her dedicated team at Confidancia curate enchanting experiences centered around abundance, manifestation, and personal growth. These transformative encounters empower individuals to step boldly into their own radiance.

Melanie Spring

FOUNDER OF CONFIDANCIA — “Fairy Guidemother”