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Take The Trail Home

Profoundly still is my mind.
Quiet seeping in from all directions.
Seeing the inevitable shift into silence.
Weeks of running at the speed of light…
because I can.

I’m built this way.
Faster than most.
More tapped into a higher voice.
Until one day I sit and find…
I’ve outrun myself.

I’ve outrun my own understanding of human capacity.
And I’m forced to stop.
Sat down by something greater than me
and told “no more.”

My willingness to listen is powerful
because I am rendered powerless
in this human container.
One I have struggled to love and accept.
One I have poisoned and abused for far too long
While asking it to act as if it’s my soul’s servant.
Pushing it too far —
asking too much
Without loving it —
even liking it.
Wishing for someone else’s too often.

I rest — deeply rest.
Only to realize
THIS is truly what I am built to do.
To consciously tap into Source
for whatever next step lies ahead.
For whatever is needed of me —
only I have to be ready, rested, and quiet to see.

I see my reflection in the mirror.
This face I have raged against.
Full of feelings I have discounted and diluted.
She has so much I have dismissed.
Ego and attitude adjusted
to a frequency I couldn’t tune into.

She is me.
I am her.
And still we are neither.
And so much more.

My Higher Self goes out ahead.
Finding the way.
Readying the path.
Lighting the trail.

“Take the trail home,” she says
and I tap in.
Hearing her sweet voice.
Like that of a mother’s unconditional love.
Like that of an older sister who wishes I would listen.


I step forward
seeing the twinkly fairy lights
dancing along the flower-lined trail.
The gentle dirt beneath my bare feet.
The horizon glowing with the moon rise.
The sunset warming my back.

I am going home.
I can feel it.
The long path ahead
traveled by so many before me.
Giving me peace that the journey
will be filled with intention.
With soul-filling adventure.

My tender heart is ready for all that lies ahead.
Will you walk with me?

Your Fairy Guidemother
Melanie Spring

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