beyond your wildest


If you’ve been looking for yourself…

look no further. Bring your magic and we’ll amplify it to the world by giving you the space to fully step into yourself. Every one of our events is carefully crafted with you in mind. 

“None of our old selves are getting out of here alive.” – overheard at a recent retreat

You are ready to start a revolution.
But HOW will you do it?

I get it. We’ve been where you are right now.

You woke up one day and realized that you were done doing the same shit hoping things would change on their own. You knew it was up to you to make a difference. You could feel your calling. You knew it was time.

Luckily, you’re brilliant AF. You know what you’re doing. You know you’re going to be a big deal. People will be talking about you for millennia. You weren’t put here on earth to stay safe until death.

You have the WHAT: your expertise & knowledge.
You have the WHY: your reason for being.
You have the DRIVE: you WILL make this happen.

So, why hasn’t it happened yet?

Because of the unanswered question: HOW?

June 21-25, 2023 – Hudson Valley, NY


“Brilliant Rebels isn’t a retreat. It’s a powerful, transformational experience that has forever changed how I see myself, how I will show up in the world, and the do the work I’m meant to do.”

– Liz Moorehead, CEO of Buona Volpe


The Rebel Recharge

Your High Vibe Tribe of Brilliance!

For Brilliant Rebels Only (Private Event)

Once a year, Confidancia brings the Brilliant Rebels back together for a recharge. This ever-growing group of humans with big goals, bigger drive, and a desire to support each other comes together because they’ve had a shared experience and now have a shared language. 

The Rebel Recharge includes a deeper dive into personal growth, business, and being a part of a high-vibe tribe. Partnerships, referrals, and deeper connections allow the Rebels to step into who they are meant to be while creating space for themselves and their purpose alongside others just like them.

PRIVATE EVENT: October 24 – 28, 2023 in Vero Beach, FL

The Brilliant Rebel Retreats are the perfect balance of work, experience, and the right type of people to help you achieve what you want. Melanie and her team provided the container to help you grow, explore new pathways, and create new possibilities for yourself in the most fun, engaging, and powerful way.”

– Catie Campbell, Executive Coach & Entrepreneur

The Art of Abundance

Annual Manifestation Retreat

JANUARY 24 – 28, 2024

For high performers, true financial and personal prosperity lies beyond being good at business. The Art of Abundance retreat teaches you how to cultivate abundance, manifest opportunities, and promote happiness and tranquility in every area of your life.

The Art of Abundance retreat is designed to help you discover not just what you want to manifest in your life, but also how you’re going to do it.

“This retreat was so thoughtfully designed and having the opportunity to discover myself amongst such a diverse accomplished group of people was worth the effort and expense of gifting myself this experience.” – Lexi Tucker, CEO & Professional Arborist


The Rebel Adventure

An International Experience of Epic Proportions

When you’re ready to let go of what “should” be and see the world through a completely different lens, The Rebel Adventure awaits.

In 2017, Melanie found herself in Bali after breaking up with her then boyfriend while also on the edge of burning down her branding agency. Taking time halfway around the world gave her a new perspective along with the space to dream. Just 9 months later, her 5 year vision had already come true. 

The Rebel Adventure is highly customized to you, steeped in luxury, and inviting you into a bigger way of thinking. This 10-day retreat is for the bold, the brave, and the ready. If you’re manifesting a much bigger life and career, we’re ready for you. 

NEXT ADVENTURE: Bali – April 2024


“Melanie & her Crew can help you to open the door you’ve been banging your head against as long as you’re REALLY ready to walk through it.”

– Maggie Langrick, Speaker, Author, Publisher at Wonderwell Publishing