beyond your wildest


If you’ve been looking for yourself…

look no further. This is where Kickass Humans come to have share their voices with the world. We don’t wait for you to tell us what you want, we carefully craft every little aspect of our in-person events with you in mind – beyond your wildest expectations.

Discover Your Brilliance

In-Person Immersive Retreats

How does a distraction-free weekend away from everything sound? One where you discover your brilliance and learn to speak with confidence? Even better!

After this three-night, two-day fully immersive experience, you’ll have a fully-written talk that is also practiced for online or in-person events – and the marketing content you need to share it with the world so they can hire you. (Oh, and the confidence to ask for more money to speak.) Plus, you’ll be reenergized, refocused, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. 

One weekend to fully step into your power as a speaker, leader, and human. One weekend to walk into your next conversation with all of your confidence.

NEXT RETREAT: June 23-26, 2022




Corporate “Training”

To us, it’s Corporate Play!

Is your team bored with another Zoom training on resilience? We are, too! 

Our in-person and virtual corporate trainings have been a solid reset for teams around the world. We raise the bar for engagement, and never let anyone off the hook – even the C-Suite. 

We can help you perfect your pitch for your Series B round, make sure your sales team can kick ass at bringing in your perfect clients, motivate your leaders to keep morale high, and help you build your energy when speaking to your team or from a big stage. 


“I ran a typical 3-day corporate sales meeting for a newly formed team of seasoned sales people and an extended field support team.  Melanie helped me move the team’s mindset from business goals and initiatives to purpose and that fact that we are all human.  The big ideas that came from our 3-days of meeting have clarity and meaning that I would not have otherwise achieved.   Thank you Melanie.”

Dan Kehoe, Senior Director at VMware

“Melanie provided simple and easy to use techniques that instantly improved our virtual meetings as we continue to embrace distance learning with our school and community.”
– Kristen Wood, Assistant Principal

This FREE webinar teaches you how to show up on video for calls, meetings, webinars, and trainings while also looking like the expert you really are.