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“a huge dose of energy”

Kim Landgraf

SIA Women in Security Forum Liaison
“Our group of over 1,000 attendees loves the energy, inspiration, and message she brings for them”

Noel Parsons

MiSHRM Conference Director

“wow, did she knock it out of the park!”

Lorraine Holcomb

Organizer of NJ Conference for Women 

My Reason For Speaking

When you meet someone who is truly authentic, truly themselves, you probably get the feeling that you can be yourself around them. It feels like a breath of fresh air – and it’s also a little intimidating. If they can ask themselves the tough questions and come across with that level of confidence, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

I’ve spent my life as a rebel. I’ve never been happy with the status quo, always asking deeper questions and seeking deeper meaning. Never conforming to standards and always breaking the mold. Early on, I was lost—a rebel without a cause. Over time, though, with the right guidance and tools, I began to zero in on my area of genius. 

I found that I have an extraordinary ability to see people through the masks they wear. I could tell when someone hated their job, or when it was time to shift their long-standing relationship. I had tough answers to important questions they didn’t have the courage to ask—mostly because my own “colorful” upbringing caused me to cut through the crap and truly see people.

I’m not a fan of unsolicited advice, so I began providing guidance and coaching for people who came to me asking for those answers. People who wanted to live bigger and brighter lives, even if it meant short-term discomfort. Even if it meant looking in the mirror and accepting themselves, warts and all.

These peoplemy clientsbecame the first Brilliant Rebels. Extraordinary humans building extraordinary lives that fill them up every day. Humans who stake their claims, have the confidence to ask for what they want, and aren’t afraid to take risks. 

This is what I talk about in my keynotes and workshops—the path to building such a life. The path to building your own Brilliant Rebellion–in their work and their lives with purpose

If your audience is ready to give themselves permission to be themselves all the time and in every situation, if they are ready to get clear on how they speak their truth to everyone around them, and if they’re ready to find the courage to stand for what they believe in, Brilliant Rebel will be the first step on a long and fruitful road to becoming who they were born to be.

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Brilliant Rebel.

Featured Keynote

Brilliant Rebel

Do the work you're really here to do

Do you wake up with little voices in your head telling you that you’re behind–at life, at work, in your family, in your relationships? The to-do list gets longer, the days go faster, that big birthday is almost here, yet you still haven’t discovered why you’re here. We’ve been told a million times over to “just be ourselves” and “pursue our dreams,” yet no one handed us a handbook on how to be human. Until now. 

Melanie’s Brilliant Rebel talk is an irreverent guide to not only finding your purpose, but also pursuing it without apology. You’ll explore the brilliance you have inside of you, dive deep into your reason for being here, and build the career or business of your dreams. You’ll find this talk will give you a perspective shift on “truths” you’ve known weren’t right for you. You are, and have always been, one decision away from a completely different life. Brilliant Rebel will help you decide what is best for you.

As an international keynote speaker & brand strategist with over two decades guiding brave souls toward their own brilliance, Melanie Spring gives you full access to her tried-and-true methodology to being fully yourself. As a life-long Rebel, she’ll help you to stop waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and light it on fire yourself.

Inside this talk, you’ll discover how to:

  • Be yourself, unapologetically unfiltered, in every situation
  • Stack your strengths and see your own brilliance
  • Ask for what you really want in every area of your life and work
  • Be purposeful with your energy, relationships, money, and time
  • Connect to your instinct, intelligence, AND intuition
  • Step out of hustle culture and into a state of flow
  • Build your Brilliant Rebellion without sacrificing yourself

By the end of this talk, you will be empowered to finally ask for what you want, believe in yourself enough to let go of old stories, start being fully yourself in every aspect of your life, or simply start sharing your own story without fear. It’s time to do the work you’re really here to do and become the
Brilliant Rebel you’ve always been.

WARNING: This talk contains life-altering knowledge and guidance. DO NOT book Melanie unless your audience is ready to stop playing small.

"Melanie is hands down one of the most innovative and inspiring speakers I've seen in a decade."



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