Rock Your Talk

HOW TO: Speak With Confidence

The fear of public speaking is worse than the fear of death. 75% of the population would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy, YET so many of us have to speak in front of humans all the time – in presentations or pitches, one-on-one or to many.

As an international keynote speaker & public speaking trainer, I will speak to the humans who want to know they can rock the stage without worrying about turning red, passing out, or winging it. We’ll get deep into how you can write your next talk so it won’t bore your audience, how you can remember the whole talk, AND ways to keep them engaged the whole time.

Even if you currently rock your talks, I’ll make sure you have lots of new ways to keep your audience from looking at their phones. All I ask is that you bring an open mind & questions.


In this keynote, you’ll get:

  • a methodology for how to write a talk quickly
  • easy ways to “memorize” your talk
  • tips on how to overcome your greatest fears
  • how-to’s for practicing & getting your energy flowing

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