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Wake up your

Inner Rebel

You were made for more. So, why are you playing small?

Take the leap and join the Brilliant Rebellion, a movement dedicated to Rebels stepping into themselves, pursuing their purpose, and bucking the system along the way. 

Wake up your

Inner Rebel

Take the leap with Melanie Spring and enter the Brilliant Rebellion, a movement dedicated to Rebels who are pursuing their passions, growing their wealth, and bucking tradition along the way. 

your brilliance is waiting

I see you

Yes, you. The person who’s been waiting goodness-knows-how-long for a sign that you were meant for bigger and more brilliant things. 

Well, you already know you are made for more, so this is your sign to stop playing small. It doesn’t happen often that you come across an opportunity to not only dream bigger, but also build the dream

I’ve inspired audiences, built global brands, coached seasoned executives, and helped rebels build rebellions for two decades now. Watching humans step into their brilliance and lead others to greatness showed me that three things are required to become a great leader. 

Courage. Confidence. Humility.

Courage is required to look in the mirror. It’s a prerequisite to rewriting your life. And it’s an absolute necessity when you know you need to burn things to the ground in order to rebuild the life you are meant to live.

Confidence is required for making choices without people-pleasing. To know what you stand for and not need approval from others in order to move your life and work forward. To speak your truth with certainty, even when others don’t enjoy what you have to say.

Humility is required as building a rebellion isn’t about being famous or making a lot of money. To build your purpose knowing it’s not about you, yet your work in the world will create ripples you may never see crashing on distant shores. To know your reason for being is about supporting the collective.

That’s what it means to be a Brilliant Rebel.

I know because I’ve walked this path. I know what the fire feels like. And I also know how incredible it feels to be living on purpose and in flow. I’ve done a lot of my work the hard way, so I can tell you with certainty that my job is to help you find your own purpose, to find your own flow – with ease. To forge your own path, fight your own demons, and build your own life without the hustle and grind.

I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear. I’m not here to give you the answers. I’m here to ask you the questions you need to be asked so you can find the answers already inside of you. The key will be to learn how to listen. To listen to that quiet whisper called your intuition. The same whisper that, if cultivated, turns into an inner guidance system that’s as clear as day. Once you learn how to listen to that intuition, how to feel its pull, you begin to live in flow. Opportunities arise from thin air. You find yourself manifesting everything you’ve ever dreamed of. And suddenly, building your dream life doesn’t seem so far fetched – or hard.

My name is Melanie Spring, and I’m the leader of the Brilliant Rebellion. My purpose is to teach you how to listen to your intuition, to hold you accountable to your dreams,  and to surround you with a loving supportive tribe of fellow Brilliant Rebels.

So, my question for you is this:

Are you ready to take the leap?

the Brilliant Rebels retreat

You are one decision away...

You’re one decision away from a totally different life.

One person, one mindset shift, one meeting, one conversation… Just one decision could change everything. 

Most people hover in that “just-about-to-make-a-big-change” space for years. Decades. Entire lifetimes. Many people say “someday” forever.

Through my high-energy talks, honest conversations, and immersive experiences, I will shake you, your colleagues, and your friends out of the day-in, day-out daze we often find ourselves.

To what end, you ask? To pursue the work you were put on this planet to do. To wake up every day loving Mondays, not trudging through to the weekend. To step more fully into the life and work you were made for. To pursue what I call your Brilliant Rebellion.

YOUR Brilliant Rebellion

Rewrite your future

Each of us operates on a set of beliefs, habits, and mindsets that govern our lives. They affect how we wake up in the morning, how we interact with other people, how we love, and how we approach challenges.

When these patterns go unchecked, your mind will be subjected to the whims of your emotions, prone to manipulation, and become a victim to what others ask of you rather than what’s best for you and your happiness.

Rewriting these patterns through the tools & coaching found at the Brilliant Rebels Retreat will allow you to take control of your life and your mindset. This takes courage—a leap of faith, if you will—and a willingness to look in the mirror with the intention of becoming more… you.

This is the first step in your Brilliant Rebellion. Interested to find out what lies on the other side of that leap for you? Click below to explore the next Brilliant Rebels Retreat. 

Keynotes & workshops

Make your event unforgettable

Do you have an upcoming conference, workshop, or team retreat? Book Melanie to present Get Lit, a highly-rated keynote and workshop, diving into important themes from finding your purpose to breaking through self-limiting barriers at work and at home.

With current edge-of-your-seat stories, poignant lessons, and practical tools for your audience to take home, Get Lit will inspire your audience to dream bigger and live life to the fullest. 

Get Lit comes in 60-minute keynote and half-day workshop formats. This is only for audiences ready to stop doing things the way they’ve always done them and start building the life they desire. To find out whether it’s the right fit for your group, click below to get more details.