Rock Your Pitch

Storytelling with Numbers

You have to pitch for money for your business or project. You have to tell your boss you deserve a raise. You have to explain why your project is going to be successful. In order to get to X (numbers), you’ve got to explain Y (why). 

This talk speaks to the humans who believe numbers tell the story AND to the humans who believe stories tell the numbers. Looking at both sides to ensure everyone gets the information they need, you’ll be able to craft a presentation from the story the numbers tell in a succinct, simple, and manageable way.

You’ll walk away with things you can change immediately in your current presentation or just what you needed to create the one that’s in your head. You’ve got to make your pitch by making an impact. 


In this keynote, you’ll start:

  • finding out how the numbers can tell a story 
  • getting tips on how to tell the story without boring people 
  • finding ways to get your audience to feel something
  • seeing how the story AND the numbers make the impact 

It’s up to YOU to rock your pitch!


Praise for Rock Your Pitch

“So I have to update you on my first pitch that I sent via email to my leaders! My boss called me in yesterday and thanked me for the feedback! She loved hearing everything I shared and is hoping and praying that we start moving in the right direction! The whole time I thought of you and everything you shared with us!! Thank you for empowering me to have a voice!” – Miriah, Iowa


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