Rock Your Life

Show Up & Show Off

You can argue with me, but you have a personal brand. It walks into the room before you & stays there long after you leave. Even if you don’t define it, it defines you. So, let’s define it & start telling the world who you really are.

When we are living on purpose, we spread light. When we share our light with others, we are able to change the world. Let’s find your thing, create a plan, and start making the impact you were put here to make. WARNING: You may need to clear out some stuff in your life to make that happen – job, friends, family, to-do lists, priorities. Are you truly ready to live a beautiful life?


In this keynote, we’ll start:

  • Finding your stories
  • Defining your personal brand
  • Identifying your purpose
  • Putting together a plan to make it happen

It’s up to YOU to rock your life!

“Melanie : i just want to let you know : that since the day i met you, i have found the confidence that was stripped from me when i was young. Next week, i am embarking on a new journey not just for me but to share my story one day and say : if i could, then you can too! Just as you have done for me. I start my bachelors program, which will lead into my masters program on Wednesday next week. I found my courage and it started with your conference in Seattle. Thank you so much Melanie!” – Rikki Leigh


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