You’re Hired! Rebecca Flips the Script on Boss Lady

Shoulds, Shan'ts, and Staying Inspired

What if you could flip the script and interview The BossYou learn all the things about the person with the vision. As the number onest number two, I (Rebecca) get the unique opportunity to sit down with Melanie Spring and ask the same questions that we ask of all potential crew members. Oh yeah, she’s hired!

Melanie tells me how communication is the linchpin to working with her. She opens up about how she deals with people who tell her that she’s too much and how she reigns her big energy and puts it to good use. Find out what motivates the Queen of Inspiration and how she is learning from folks in unexpected ways.  

In this episode, you’ll get the inside scoop on what Melanie’s friends are saying about her, and how she makes her mom proud. Plus, you’ll hear firsthand just how awesome a Boss Lady can be — especially when her name is Melanie Spring! xoxo, Rebecca



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