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“Start with radical self-love.” – Sammy Taggett

Sammy and Melanie take a selfieSammy Taggett, also known as Shoebox Moses, formerly known as Joselito Ramirez, (yeah, you’ll find out why he has so many names) is one badass orchestrator of music and a VERY purpose-driven entertainer. Sammy is head of The Evolved Entertainer and Global DJ Now, a Festival DJ teaching course for up-and-coming entertainers. I’ve been lucky enough to jump head-first into a deep friendship with Sammy while attending some amazing events like Camp Maverick and A-Fest. Now we’re neighbors in Denver!

Listen to Sammy share the story of how his journey to visit his old orphanage in the Philippines changed his mission in life and how a woman he randomly met on a dance floor in Denver ended up having a WAY deeper connection than they could have ever imagined. Now he’s on one heck of an adventure to give back to the millions of orphans in the Philippines!


“If you can make a living doing something you love, you can light the world on fire!”

Sammy’s passion to create magical environments using music pours out of him. His energy is so infectious that Dan and I fell right into lust on his very own dance floor! Listen to this week’s episode to get an instant boost in your day.

If these stories don’t give you chills, nothing will. Listen below to get a dose of inspiration and a lesson on strength.

Listen to the whole conversation here:

BONUS: Sammy is our DJ and MC for REAL TALK: An Evening of Guts, Glory & Growth on June 21. Grab your ticket here or purchase access to the live stream so you can listen to inspiring speakers share their stories – AND jam with us.

Bonus #2: Check out Sammy’s music here.

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