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Women Know Their Value In The Triangle, NC

Surround yourself with people who more than you.

The Triangle area in North Carolina includes Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham – Mary and I stopped at the beautiful Umstead Hotel & Spa in Raleigh to chat with the local lady residents. Mary-Ann Baldwin, Suzanne Miglucci and Jennifer Hoverstad gave us three different perspectives on life, politics, infertility, and business.

We wondered why people ask “innocent questions” about younger women and their position on having children while some aren’t interested in having kids and others are struggling with infertility. We talked through getting into the political game locally and how each of these ladies got to the place they are in their careers. We even got a chance to talk about knowing your value and learning how to choose the right mentor for you.

Most of us have a hard time asking for help, saying what we mean, and then we end up inviting our frenemies over for dinner – why? Sometimes we have to listen for the pivotal moments and grab them when they show up. Listen in to hear their favorite books and discover how to be more proactive in learning from the women who have been-there-done-that.




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Mary​-Ann Baldwin – Executive Director at Holt Brothers Foundation

5 words: dog mom, Boston-native, intense and driven, big heart


LinkedIn: Mary-Ann Baldwin

Twitter: @maryannbaldwin

Facebook:Mary-Ann Baldwin


Suzanne Miglucci – CEO of Charles & Covard

5 words: Marketing professional, mentor, wife & mom, avid gardener, Raleigh

Bio: Charles & Covard

LinkedIn: Suzanne Miglucci


Jennifer Hoverstad – Marketing Director at PSPDFKit GmbH

5 words: attorney turned marketer, certified yoga instructor, dog mom, wife, supermom


Twitter: @jenhoverstad

Snapchat: @​JHoverstad

LinkedIn: Jennifer Hoverstad


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