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HERadventures: Sarita & Felicia

“We are natural born leaders.” – Felicia

I love Baltimore – it’s a city with grit, fierce determination, and a history of diversity. Just 45 minutes away from DC, it has its own character – including incredible women with the same grit and determination. Mary & I wandered the Great Blacks in Wax Museum and snapped photos in Graffiti Alley before meeting at her natural light studio in an old factory building near Druid Hill Park.

Much like Baltimore, the women we met had the same grit & determination. Our first set of women were two entrepreneurs and long-standing friends, Sarita and Felicia – what a way to kick off the conversations in this incredible city. Sarita is a owner of SparTea, a day spa for girls in Townsend, MD, mother of four, and breast cancer survivor. Felicia is a people-builder, public speaker, and entrepreneur coach.


Sarita and Felicia lift each other up both as mothers, women, and entrepreneurs. Both lost their mothers at young ages, and although that gave them a significant bond, we learned how Felicia pulled strength from Sarita’s battle with breast cancer and how they both became better women through the fight. Listen in for the laughter, tears, and love.

Mary takes a picture of Felicia & Sarita in Baltimore, MD

Continue to grow with Sarita & Felicia’s reading choices below:

Sarita Recommends: “The Five Laws of Success” by Arnina Nikitina

Felicia Recommends: “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews


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Sarita Murray is owner/founder of SparTea.

In her words: Sarita is loyal, a mom, Christian, hard-worker, tenacious, and a survivor in many aspects.

Instagram: @SaritaMurray

Twitter: @SparTea



Felicia Jackson Smith is a public speaker, executive coach, trainer, and entrepreneur.

In her words: Sarita is an amazing mother first, an awesome wife, the best big sister, loyal friend, entrepreneur, public speaker, and an executive coach/trainer.

Instagram: @jaguarjackson

Facebook: Felicia Jackson

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