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What Doesn’t Kill You…

“Movement is life. Stillness is death.” – Shari Aldrich

Shari and I bonded on Joe De Sena‘s first Spartan course at his home in Vermont. We ended up tied to two other and spelunked & rappelled despite both of our fears. Shari had me literally climbing up her body during the course – and let me you – this woman is STRENGTH embodied. This year, Shari and I ended up having a conversation at Camp Maverick in Texas & I’m beyond excited to share this conversation of strength, balance, and progress with you.

Shari is the owner of Body Mechanics, a growing massage school and one of our amazing SPEAK With Confidence Rockstars.

“I had the light on. I had to make sure my light was shining.”

Shari’s story is one of overcoming adversity and embracing the lesson each challenge has brought with it. Through the pain, Shari was able to change her career, become an entrepreneur, build and grow her business and is on track to help a million people heal through her students.

If these stories don’t give you chills, nothing will. Listen below to get a dose of inspiration and a lesson on strength.

Listen to get the whole conversation here:

Shari’s 10-year-old granddaughter, Mackenzie would describe Shari as smart, grandma, brave, boss, beautiful

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Twitter: @olympia_massage
Instagram: @shari_aldrich
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