Wanna start a revolution? Be the change.

Chris Ward: The Future of Legal Services
Meets Compassionate Bodyguard

Chris Ward & I met because too many people said it must happen. We met as he walked in my front door with his black suit jacket & HUSTLE t-shirt on. His 6’5″ frame can be intimidating when he’s being a bodyguard overseas, yet his gentle demeanor shows his deep love for the human race.

Chris is a futurist, advocate, and revolutionary. He got into repping Legal Shield when he was an entrepreneur & saw the future helping those who wouldn’t normally get the help they need. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk here in the US & using his military background to help shield those who are helping humans around the world.

Join us as Chris tells us how he went to engineering school because he wanted to build a spaceship with comfy seats & enough room for his tallness. Yep, it’s a fun ride.

Futurist | World Traveler | Activist | Public Speaker | Entrepreneur


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