Your Fairy Guidemother is on Zoom!


Wanna enter the Door of Possibility?

Melanie Spring Mirror
No baggage allowed. (Seriously… you have to leave it behind.)

The Zoom call flickered on.
Her faint smile. 
She was really trying.
I saw the heaviness in her eyes. 
She wanted a shift, yet she had no idea where to begin. 
Nothing was going to bring up her mood.
Not even me.
My shiny light casting shadows. 
The little rain cloud above her head with perpetual thunder and lightning. 
I asked her the question that finally got to the heart of it, “Can you picture the thing that feels heavy?”
I could feel her exhale. 
“It’s like a heavy suitcase without wheels. One of the old ones you would just carry with the uncomfortable handle.”
I asked her what she’d like to change about it. 
Her answer felt even heavier. 
“If I could just put wheels on it, it would make life easier.”

She was standing at the Door of Possibility as we talked through her life, her business, her relationship, and her next steps. The problem was that the Door of Possibility – this giant ornate door – only has a crawlspace for her to go through. She couldn’t take her luggage with her. She could only go if she left all of her heaviness behind. 

How many times have you found yourself in this exact same situation? Walking around with a heavy suitcase full of old trauma, grief, memories, conversations, guilt, or regret? And how often have you wished you could just put wheels on it? To make it easier to lug around…

Was it YOU I was talking to?
Are you feeling that way right now?
Have you felt that way before? 
Are you wondering how I know this?

What if I told you that each and every one of us has the chance to crawl through the Door of Possibility, yet most of us would rather stay behind with our luggage. Because it’s safe.

We’d rather put wheels on our heavy suitcases so we can pack more into it and take it further. 

I know. 
I get it. 
Leaving the suitcase behind isn’t an option.
You’re strong because you have this suitcase.
You’re strong because you’ve carried this suitcase this far.
You’re strong because you have been through so much and have survived to tell about it.
But are you? 

The strongest people I know are the softest. 
The most vulnerable. 
The most willing to share their pain. 
The most willing to set down the heavy.
To set down the old ways. 
To let go of the old habits.
To release the old memories.
To forgive the past trauma.
To forgive themselves.

The strongest people I know are struggling right now.
They’re sharing their struggle with others. 
They’re naming the messy.
They’re saying what is usually left unsaid.
They’re setting down what no longer serves them.
They’re leaving the suitcase behind.
They’re healing and allowing others to heal alongside them.
They’re committed to letting go of what’s heavy.
And they’re ready to admit that they don’t really want to do it alone anymore.

The strongest people I know aren’t the ones who suffer in silence.
They’re healing. 
They’re growing. 
They’re unbecoming everything the world told them to be.
They’re stepping into the light.
They’re allowing themselves to be seen.
They’re falling in love with themselves.
And they’re slowly releasing all of the baggage they’ve been carrying for so long.

So, would it be easier to put wheels on the suitcase?
Or would it be better to set it down and leave it behind?

The Door of Possibility is ahead of you. 
And you can’t take your baggage with you.
So, if you’re ready to see what’s ahead…
I invite you to join me through the little crawlspace in the Door of Possibility.
I’ve left all my baggage outside the door.
And I know what it’s like to finally have something different to work on.
Instead of all the old familiar stuff.
Instead of all the heaviness.

Because I am the woman with the rain cloud over my head.
I am the woman sitting with her.
She is me.
I am her.
You are me.
I am you.

We are we.

INVITATION: Is it time to stop trying to put wheels on your suitcase? Here’s my calendar. I invite you to schedule some time with me to see. My Door is always open.