VIDEO: HOW TO: Start Listening To Yourself

“Intuition is a muscle.” – Ati Williams

We went a little bit of everywhere on this Live with Ati Williams. When Ati took her family on a year-long sabbatical from DC to San Diego, she thought she was taking a year off from life. Ati had to learn the hard way that listening to herself took a LOT more work than her real job ever did – and she shared with us how she did it.

HUGE love to Ati for spilling on her sabbatical year AND all the goodness she shared.



This was an adventure not be missed – we have a bunch of new catch-phrases like:
• “Make yo dolla holla!” – Ati
• #ExhaustionIsNotAVirtue – Denyette
• “I’m rocking my to-don’t list to save my sanity.” – Mindy
• Acknowledge that “inner voice” that we were taught to ignore. The “bitch” is the conditioning in our heads.” – Omope
• ROHB = return on heart beats
• “I don’t need to be a human doing. I need to be a human BEING.” – Ati

And resources like:
• Instant Pot pre-packaged spices from Ani Spices
• Online art classes through Creative Bug
Scott’s Cheap Flights for the obvious



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