VIDEO: From Orphan To Globetrotting DJ

“THAT’S where I belong, is on THAT STAGE.” – DJ ShoeBox Moses

You are RIGHT where you’re SUPPOSED to be. If you think that whatever has happened to you is what has ruined your life, think again. You are right where you’re supposed to be. Even if you were left in a shoebox in a dumpster in the Philippines. Sammy (DJ ShoeBox Moses) Taggett shared with us how he made it from a shoebox into the DJ booth – and he hosted the most AMAZING dance party when he did it. So, turn it on, turn it up, and dance your heart out as Sammy tells you his amazing story.



Sammy’s Kickass Humans Spotify playlist.

After 10 years of DJing, Sammy’s mission has grown into:
​- Connecting tribes and raising positive vibes (literally, vibrations) with must-dance music.
Sharing his story, from discarded orphan to touring musician & entrepreneur.
– Teaching, educating, and inspiring orphans everywhere who need the platform to create a stable, creative life through his nonprofit Foundlings.




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