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Up in Smoke: Intentions, Goals & Lighting It On Fire

Because why wouldn't you light that shit on fire?

Finally! An episode where Melanie is talking to another Melanie and it’s not herself. HA! Yes, I know. And happy new year to you, too! It’s 2017 and everyone’s all in a flutter to set (and forget) their resolutions. To kick off this year’s Adventures in Branding, I bring to you one of my personal favorite humans – Melanie Vracas. I promise you’ll love her as much as I do. 


When Melanie V was just a little kid with big crazy hair, her mother would make her sit down to write her goals every year. She didn’t realize what a great idea that was until years later when she started writing down her intentions again. Now it’s a part of her own daily life when she picks up Angel Cards before she leaves the house.


She and I met in January 2016 when I spoke at a marketing association meeting about intentions. She was the one with the big gorgeous hair and infectious laugh who was talking about rainbows and unicorns and shitting glitter within ten minutes. Like long lost friends. And it was that night we realized how much Melanies have in common. Including being impatient, uptight, kooky humans who spread their fairy dust of positivity on everyone – whether they like it or not.


"Intentions are moving words.

Your intention is the fire that propels you.”

– Melanie Vracas


The ever-insightful Melanie V sat with me at Sisarina HQ in our newly redecorated turret to talk about how letting go of the control (which isn’t easy for either of us) and tuning into what’s really going on with you so you can start the work that’s necessary to get where you want to go. She shares all her favorite quotes, what she does to help herself through each day, and even lets us in on the things she’s working on. We’re all works in an ongoing progress.


Since my own theme for this year is “light that bitch on fire” and Melanie V loves to light her intentions on fire, it was obvious she had to share this episode with me to start 2017. One of my big intentions this year is writing a book (eek!) from all the journals I’ve filled up over the years. And the blog post I wrote the day we recorded is literally about writing things down and making them reality. Coincidence? Melanies think not.


So, raise your coffee, pound the pavement, and face the traffic, kickass humans! Listen in as we cheers to lighting the good shit or the bad shit on fire. To letting go of the trapeze bar so you can fall into the net below. To clapping if you believe in fairies. To being pushed off the cliff instead of jumping. It’s time to live boldly. That’s what this life is all about, right?


Listen in above or watch the whole video below (includes outtakes!)


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Melanie Vracas – Marketing Strategist at LOOK Communications & Marketing

Her words: I am a sparkly unicorn! Always armed with a smile on my face and a curl sticking up somewhere.

Facebook: Melanie Vracas

LinkedIn: Melanie Vracas

Instagram: @mevracas



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