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The Rollercoaster

This rollercoaster we’re on right now is energetic. The Universe is asking if we’re ready.

You stand in line. It creeps forward slowly.

The anticipation grows. As you get to the front, you see the car.

Rows of people get off.

You and others get on.

You choose the front row of the car. The best view.

You want to experience it all.

As you buckle yourself in, an attendant comes by to ensure you’re locked in.

You exhale.

You’ve been holding your breath without realizing it.

You’re ready.

You’ve been preparing for this.

The attendant waves her hand to the operator.

The car engages and begins to move forward.

You’re officially in motion.

Your knuckles turn white as you hold on tight.

Your head pushes back against the seat.

The car is being pulled up the first big hill

Click, click, click.

Your stomach feels like it’s in your throat.

You can feel the force of what’s next.

It gets slower and slower as you near the top.

The suspense is getting more intense, click by click.

There’s a pause. Just before the drop.

You scream as you go straight down the other side.

Pure terror while also feeling the thrill of speed.

Rushing around corners.

Twisting upside down.

Through tunnels.

Up another hill.

Down around another curve.

Faster and faster.

Alarm bells go off in your head.

Gaining speed with every downhill drop.

Into the darkness.

Until you come to a complete and utter stop.

The pause is full of dread.

You know it’s not over yet.

All of a sudden, you’re thrown backward.

Racing through the turns watching the world move the other direction.

You close your eyes.

You know you’re safe.

You know it’ll end soon.

You smile, feeling the rush of the wind.

Worrying you’ll lose your shoes at every jerk.

Until you pull into the station where you began.

Your laughter bubbling over and out. The panic settling inside.

Knowing it’s all over.

Knowing it was never forever.

Knowing you could do it again.

But next time, you will know what’s coming.

Next time, you’ll laugh in the face of fear.

Next time, you’ll see it for what it is.

A rollercoaster of joy. A rollercoaster of elation. A rollercoaster of choice.

This rollercoaster we’re on right now is energetic. The Universe is asking if we’re ready.

It’s asking if we are willing to be one with it.

It’s asking if we have what it takes.

It’s asking if we’ve healed enough, forgiven ourselves, stopped blaming others, or finally understood that we are one with the Universe.

It’s asking if we know we are no different than anyone else and that everything we do has a lasting effect.

It’s asking if we choose to finally see our power.

It’s time to let go.

To know that our seatbelt will keep us safe. To know that we just have to hold on and laugh in the face of fear. To know fear is keeping us safe and keeping us small. To know we can throw our hands up and feel the wind between our fingers. To know we are one with the rollercoaster. To know that it’ll be over soon. And wouldn’t it be great to just scream with delight instead?

Your choice. It’s always your choice.