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The Not-So-Secret Recipe to Success

“My not-so-secret recipe: Be kind & be generous.” – Eli Natoli

Eli Natoli is a kickass marketing & growth coach and the humble powerhouse & project manager of the Natoli businesses. She and her husband, the UX specialist Joe Natoli (listen to his episode here), are a team that divides and conquers their business goals helping humans build businesses based on winning practices and strategies.

Before she started her own business (, Eli realized how important it was to overcome the small business cycle of feast & famine. She even helped Joe pivot his business (listen in to find out what she did!)

Even after all of her success though, Eli Natoli is angry at the internet. And she decided to fight fire with fire. She is now a coach for small service-based businesses who want to reach the next level, yet are tired of fighting the deluge of bad advice and fake “webinars”. We also get to hear about keeping up with three teenagers at the same time, dogs that might drink wine & her ultimate not-so-secret recipe for your business.

“Whatever you put out should provide value.”

Watch Eli share her advice on what’s the one thing a business owner can do if they’re ready to launch a product:

Listen in to this wisdom-packed episode to hear Eli share her secret to figuring out what’s authentic & what’s fake when it comes to business info on the internet.

Listen to get the whole conversation here:


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In her words: Eli believes in small steps to accomplish big things, in being generous with her time and knowledge, that anything worth doing starts with being kind, that we all need to be encouraged in order to succeed, and that success of any kind is born from honesty.

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