The Life-Changing Magic of Finding Your Gift

The magic is the emotional connection between the
photographer & the subject. – Jim Darling

Jim Darling & I met in DC back in the days before he had a smartphone – he found out about me when I hosted Cup of Inspiration at Sisarina. He moved to Denver 2 years before me – and when we caught up at his birthday party, his candor reminded me why I needed to introduce you all to him.

Jim started his career in graphic design and realized that photography was his gift after realizing how lonely it is to engage with a computer. He is an incredible portrait photographer who captures humans in their element and this is his year of decluttering – starting with deleting Twitter. Now he’s clearing out much more.

Join us as Jim & I go deep into social media fears, “stranger portraits,” being a real business man, and how networking can change your life. Also check out a Creative Mornings near you and GO TO ONE!


Funny. People-person. Artist. Compassionate. The fun uncle.


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