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The lies of bootstrapping, scrappiness, and entry-level

Finding Your Brand Magic

The Sisarina Crew works hard AND plays hard – together. We talk and laugh so much that we have to schedule 3 hours of quiet time every day to get shit done in silence (We call it Sisa-Shh…). When I asked them to join me on the podcast as a team, they jumped at the chance to share their branding knowledge.

Rebecca talks about how she’s beaten the bootstrappy label and found her dreams were bigger than she realized. Isang shares his feelings on what entry-level really means AND how much he hates wearing suits. Cheney admits to not being perfect, although we don’t really believe she’s not.

In this episode, you’ll get a conversation about branding, what brand is and how you can find your own in your personal AND professional life. We promise you’ll want to come hang at Sisarina HQ with us.

Stuff we shared on the podcast: – find out your top 5 strengths

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