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Sometimes it’s not all about you.

Strength, finding yourself & not caring what they think.

When you walk into a room, you end up worried about what everyone else is thinking about you. And they’re worried what you’re thinking about them. The reality is – everyone is just thinking about themselves. So, why are we always caring about what everyone else is thinking about us when they really don’t care?

Nedra Davis was the poster child for best kid ever. She checked every box on the list of being an amazing kid and young adult until she was 25 and she became pregnant – unmarried and unplanned. She placed what she believed everyone else would think of her over her own happiness and found herself miserable. She didn’t even enjoy the first months of being pregnant because of the shame she was feeling. Until she got a response from her parents she never expected.

But even after that, she kept the loop cycling when she continued worrying about what everyone else would think about her and ended up married and unhappy. Raising her children and getting divorced, she started realizing what everyone else thought didn’t matter and found her wisdom through reading and finding her spirituality. Getting her thoughts out on paper empowered her to be one of the strongest, most resilient human beings I’ve ever met. She had to learn how to embrace her shame and her worry in order to let it all go. She now fully lives in a place where she owns her worth, her value system and her life – personally AND professionally.

Do you truly care what other people think of you? Do you worry about fitting in? Guess what – they don’t care because they want the same things. You are loved. You are enough. You can do this. Find the loop and learn from it so you can move forward as a kickass human. Listen in as Nedra shares her solid character, how she’s raising strong children, and why it matters that we live authentically inside our true selves.


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Nedra Davis, M.A., Communications Manager at Unity Health Care, Inc.

Her words: Optimistic, creative, good vibes, kind & does damn well in the Department of Minding My Own Business!

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