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So, what do you think of the podcast so far?

Do you have a favorite episode?

If anyone tells you that podcasting is easy, punch them in the arm and tell them to stop being a liarface. A podcast takes a lot of thought, planning, time, failures, hope, excitement, gut-wrenching, and motivation. You have to be committed, insane, and ready to put yourself out there. Even if your podcast isn't about you, it's your personal brand. It's your personality. It's you in the public eye. If you listened to the first series of Adventures in Branding, you know it was anxiety-ridden for me – sharing my story and what I know about branding along with trying to figure out what to do next was exhausting and overwhelming. Until I got notes like this: "I may be a "nobody" to most, but listening to these podcasts made me a "somebody" to me." (check out the reviews on iTunes – those sweeties)

6 months and 23 episodes later (WHAT?!), I am grateful, humbled, thankful, and energized to keep things going. (And yes, still working on the anxiety and overwhelm so keep those positive energies coming.) First, we did a Foundational Cluster to kick things off (here's the first set). Then the Sisarina Crew jumped in to help explain more about branding (listen to the second set here). We just finished the third series getting a little more personal than before with Finding (this one even had videos). 

On the wrap-up episode, Cheney asked what made me want to start this. Honestly, I kept getting asked questions about purpose and drive and branding so I made it a heart project and put my whole heart into it. And each step of the way I get inspired right before an episode by something that's happening in my life or someone else's. When I try to come up with ideas, I am blank. When I just let it rest, they show up.

I tried to do some interviews right before I left on vacation (so many Hawaiian Insta's) but Sisarina's internet went weird on a video episode and then the podcast recorder mysteriously broke (in front of Tony Porreco, our podcast producer – no joke). My guess is that it was meant to be that I should take some time to let the brain ooze and come up with fanciness for the next series. This real vacation is helping me with some incredible ideas so I hope you're ready.

Now it's my turn to ask YOU something.

What was your favorite episode? 

  • Which one changed your thought patterns? 
  • Which one did you share with your friends online or offline?
  • Which one did you listen to more than once?
  • Which one do you want us/me to do?
  • Which one sucked? (ok, be gentle on this one… I'm not perfect)

I'm all ears:

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And watch out for our next series – coming soon to an Adventures in Branding podcast near you.