Sell Your Talk (without selling)

“Most people think “selling” is the same as “talking”. But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job.”

– Roy Bartell

Who’s ready to jump into Chapter 6 of the SPEAK With Confidence podcast series?! Did you already finish Chapter 1: Brainstorming Like a Boss, Chapter 2: Just Be Yourself (but better), Chapter 3: Organize Your Talk (for maximum impact), Chapter 4: Getting It Together (just don’t get too attached), and Chapter 5: Memorizing (without memorizing)? (Go listen if you haven’t before you jump in here.)

DELIVER YOUR TALK: SELL Your Talk (without selling)

THIS EPISODE SIMPLIFIED: Now that you have your talk written – how do you get the right people (conference organizers AND attendees) to listen to your talk?

Let’s jump into Chapter 6: Sell Your Talk (without selling). Few are great at selling their talk in a way that gets the right people to want to listen to them. In this chapter, I’ll explain how best to write your talk title, talk description and speaker bio in a way that will get them to want to listen. I’ll give you tips & tricks on how to make sure your audience knows this talk is all about them. Catch an organizer’s attention – and write a readable speaker bio so the person announcing you will get the audience AND you pumped to go on stage!

Start with your talk description, THEN create a kickass title. Once those two pieces are done, we’ll rip apart your boring bio & why you SHOULDN’T include your family in it. Don’t worry, I’ll talk you through it.

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Get more tips on how to get paid to speak with my 20-Point Speaker Checklist or dive even deeper with my actual booking manager, Michelle, at the SPEAK With Confidence Accelerator.

As I mentioned, stay tuned to hear Colin’s incredible story after this October’s SPEAK With Confidence Accelerator.

SPEAK With Confidence: Stop wishing you were on that stage & write the dang talk: I’ll even send you the fancy-schmancy workbook you’re hearing about.

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