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Redefine Your Labels & Make Waves

Your whole life you’ve been given labels.

Some you made up yourself, others have been placed on you. These labels have kept you from dreaming bigger because you have allowed them to shape who you are. 


Gal Gadot turned down the role of Deadpool’s girlfriend because she wanted a lead role leaving her open to take the kickass role of Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman. Every day, we’re offered roles that will make us or break us. It’s up to us to take the ones that will push us forward.


When you choose to be inspired, inspiration shows up. When you decide you want to make ripples, you end up creating waves that you’ll never see. Getting rid of those labels will allow you to be the truest version of you.


In this episode, I’ll share some recent stories of real people who are in the currently in the transformation process and we’ll keep moving toward that vision you really want for your life. 

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