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Partners In Wine

“It’s important to work together to ensure everyone has the opportunity to take time for themselves.”

– Michelle Lim Warner

Meet my neighbor, Michelle Lim Warner. Michelle owns DCanter Wine Boutique on Barracks Row here in DC with her husband. Together they are creating a powerhouse in the wine lifestyle market.

We hadn’t seen each other in awhile so it was great to do some catchup here on the podcast. She and her business have been undergoing some serious growth! Michelle has been branding her business like a branding pro – so much so that all of her new hires are so excited about the culture they have created together at DCanter – and the crazy part?! They were all customers FIRST!

This week, we talk about growing your team, using your growing team’s talent to help catapult your business, manifesting a work/life balance, and the commitment it takes to own a business with your spouse. First tip: take walking meetings! Listen in to find out why.

Watch her answer “What’s one tip for building a better culture?”:

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In her words: Michelle is Driven, creative, resourceful, perseveres, laughs really loud (which I personally love)

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