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Sometimes we’re pushed to do something that wasn’t what we were meant to do. Other times we fall into it. In 2012, I jumped in my car and drove 7000 miles in 3 weeks on the Live Your Brand Tour. I interviewed 18 businesses on how they lived their brands and all of the stories were published in Entrepreneur Magazine. Although this started me on the adventure of changing my business, the stop at the Grand Canyon gave me an epiphany for my personal life that was even more profound.


Sometimes you have to jump off the cliff

and hope for the wings to catch you.


You’ll hear about my life of cliff-jumping (figuratively, of course), but I have to say that starting a podcast was one of the biggest, most treacherous cliffs I’ve faced. Because it was my most authentic.


The best way to find yourself is to get clear on what you want to do for others. Find the light inside of you and you’ll shine a light on others. I know this, because I’m now doing it on a daily basis.


In this episode, I let you in on my journey of intentional homelessness, overhauling my business, and how I found my approachable badass. 


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