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Just Be Yourself (but better)

“Some people won’t like you

& you’re going to have to be OK with that.”

Who’s ready to jump into Chapter 2 of the SPEAK With Confidence podcast series?! Did you already finish Chapter 1: Brainstorming Like a Boss? (Go listen if you haven’t before you jump in here.)

For week 2, let’s find out who you REALLY are.

CRAFT YOUR TALK: Just Be Yourself (but better)

THIS EPISODE SIMPLIFIED: Everyone has a personal brand. It shows up before you even walk into the room. It’s the way you speak, what you wear, how your hair looks, and just who you are.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s jump into Chapter 2: Just Be Yourself (but better). The first step to being yourself is learning about your brand. In this episode, I go through everything in the SPEAK With Confidence workbook about branding. I’ll cover why you even need a brand as a public speaker (or even just as a human), how to find it, and – once you find it – how to define it.

I’ll even take you through my personal brand journey and how I became an Approachable Badass. Listen to the podcast here:

As we cover chapter 2 of the SPEAK With Confidence course and workbook: Just Be Yourself (but better), think about what you want your personal brand to be and how you best show up as yourself. Then let us know more about your personal brand in the Kickass Humans Club.

SPEAK With Confidence: Stop wishing you were on that stage & write the dang talk: I’ll even send you the fancy-schmancy workbook you’re hearing about.

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