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I’ve got a dirty secret…

I see you and your dirty little secrets.
You can’t hide them.
They’re written across your face.
In the way you move.
The way you speak.
The way you apologize for being.

I see you and your little lies.
The little lies about why you aren’t where you want to be at this stage of your life.
Why you can’t leave your secure job.
Why you don’t have time for those things you really want to do.
Why you haven’t started that new venture yet.
Why you’re still going to that friend’s house for drinks when you can’t stand him or her.

I see you hiding.
Hiding behind your fancy title.
In your fancy car.
In your piles of debt.
In your fake smile.
In your hatred of your body.
In your wishful desires to run away from it all.

I see you worrying.
Worrying about everything and everyone.
About how it will work out.
About how it will never work out.
About what you’ll do if you never figure it out.
About what others are thinking about you.

I see you squirming in your fear.
Fear for the future never being as amazing as you hope.
Fear the past will creep up and smack you in the face.
Fear they’ll find out who you really are.
Fear they’ll hear your innermost thoughts.
Fear of what they’ll think about you when they know the truth.

I also see you free.
Free from all the dirty little secrets.
Free from all the little lies.
Free from all the hiding.
Free from all the worrying.
Free from all the fear.
Free from the prison you put yourself in.

I see you loving yourself.
Loving your smile.
Loving your body.
Loving your giving nature.
Loving your laughter.
Loving your peace.

Wanna know how I know this?
Because I am you.

I was keeping dirty little secrets.
I was lying to myself and everyone else.
I was hiding from the world while pretending to show up.
I was worrying about everything, living under the weight of massive anxiety.
I was squirming in fear of everything, even if I was doing it anyway.
And then I did something I never knew could free me.

I spoke the secrets, lies, hiding, worrying, and fear out loud to someone who loved me.
I spoke the truth of who I have been trusting that they would not judge me for who I was.
I spoke my darkness into the light and knew I would never have to go back.
I spoke words of pain, disgust, shame, greed, hatred, sorrow, and fear and released it all.
I spoke everything I was hiding and set it in full view for someone to see.

I shared everything I most hated about myself.
My trauma.
My pain.
My suffering.
My guilt.
My shame.

And guess what?
I was still loveable.
I was still alive.
I was still growing.
And I was worthy.

When I was all done, I found peace.
I found love for myself like I had never felt before.
I released all the scarcity I was holding onto and found out what abundance really means.
I found myself in the rubble.
And rebuilt my life.
I rebuilt my work.

I am living proof that everything works out WAY better than you will ever plan.
That you can have this or something better.

But first, you have to speak your secrets out loud.
Speak your fear out loud.
Speak your truth out loud.
Stop hiding your beautiful light from the world.
You’re worthy of shining.

I love you.
I am you.
You are me.
We are we.

Your Fairy Guidemother

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