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It’s OK Not To Be Perfect – an interview with Cheney Williams

Because eating shaving cream can change your life.

When Cheney Williams applied with an infomercial instead of a resume (click here or scroll down to watch it!), the Sisarina Crew was busting up laughing. Now we get to keep her forever (insert evil laugh). She’s Sisarina’s Girl Friday and my own personal assistant and her job is to keep me laughing on a daily basis.

Cheney tells all about how her dad dressed up as a fairy princess (there are photos), why I’m not really the boss of her, and even what she’s named her inner badass. This woman has heart, guts, and a fear of imperfection – and she’s not afraid to admit it. She’s learning how to overcome her fears and reminds you that it’s ok to mess up.

In this episode, you’ll find out what keeps Cheney ticking, how she figured out her personal brand AND the grossest thing she (and I) have ever eaten.

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Fave brand: – super soft underpants delivered to your door

Watch Cheney's application video & giggle your face off.