Your Fairy Guidemother is on Zoom!


It’s Almost Time!


YOU GUYS! Melanie, Nate & Maggie are launching a PODCAST! 

The Intentional Story Podcast is launching with 6 full episodes on July 12, 2021. We NEED YOUR HELP!

  1. Will you check out our Trailer blooper episode below? It’s 3 minutes and we think we’re hilarious.
  2. When you laugh out loud, will you Subscribe & Review us on Apple Podcasts and/or Spotify and/or Stitcher to help us get more eyes on the podcast when we launch? It would mean the world to us. (We also wouldn’t be mad if you subscribed & liked & commented on YouTube, but Apple Podcasts is our biggest ask for the iPhone users.) EVERYTHING helps.

We can’t wait to share our intentional stories with you. Give us some love and let us know you’ll be following along!

Maggie, Melanie, & Nate



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