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It’s All Business (Women) in Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC is an underrated city with infinite possibilities.

When Mary and I drove into this adorable downtown, we knew we were going to find too many things to do for our short stay. Exploring the downtown area with waterfalls and excellent restaurants, cycling on the Swamp Rabbit Trail thanks to PedalChic, and enjoying the local wine shop, we had the chance to chat with two sets of Greenville residents. They told us all about why they love the city but also gave us a look into their personal lives.

First, we met Marion Crawford, Jennifer Sutton, and Robin Bylenga at a wine shop and discussed everything from entrepreneurship and business to marriage and why long walks with friends are the key to sanity. These three founders & CEO’s share about the intricate balance of relationships while also running successful businesses.


The next day, after I spoke at the AAF Greenville meeting, Mary and I chatted with Sara Shumpert, Courtney Mitchell, Robyn Zimmerman, and Peyton Fish. We learned that Greenville has a growing entrepreneur and innovation community along with being a great place to grow your career. We even heard our favorite answer to the “what would you tell your 18-year-old self?” question.


Listen in to generations of Greenville women tell their stories of love, life, and business.




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Marion Crawford – founder and CEO of Crawford Strategy

5 words: mother, writer, entrepreneur, exercise enjoyer, amateur cook & gardener

Twitter: @mrcstrategy

Instagram: @marionrcraw

Facebook: Marion Crawford​


Jennifer Sutton – founder and CEO of Bright + CO Marketers

5 words: mother, entrepreneur, marketing nerd, generous host, passionate for being kind

Facebook: Jennifer Sutton

LinkedIn: Jennifer Sutton

Twitter: @JJMediaMaven

Instagram: @JenniferJohnsSutton


Robin Bylenga – creator, founder and CEO of PedalChic

5 words: mother, cyclist, transformer of lives, bit of a workaholic, incredibly passionate

Facebook: Robin Lennon Bylenga

LinkedIn: Robin Bylenga

Twitter: @PedalChic



Sara Shumpert – Director of The Packaging School

5 words: dog lover, nature enthusiast, entrepreneur, lifelong learner, technologist

Instagram: @sarashumpert

Twitter: @SaraaaSmiless

Facebook: Sara.Shumpert

LinkedIn: Sara Shumpert

Her pup's Insta: @Murray_the_Mini


Courtney Mitchell – Marketing Manager at Clemson Eye

5 words: New York, fun, runner, dog lover, adventurous

Instagram: @cmegrichard

Facebook: Courtney Richard Mitchell

LinkedIn: Courtney Mitchell

Twitter: @cmeg


Robyn Zimmerman – Executive Communications Strategist at Crawford Strategy

5 words: teacher, stepmother, broadcaster, theater lover, wonderful wife

Twitter: @robynzimmerman

Facebook: Robyn Irene Zimmerman


Peyton Fish – Media Research Analyst at Charter Spectrum

5 words: event planner, traveler, spiritual, animal lover, dancer

Facebook: Peyton Fish

LinkedIn: Peyton Fish

Instagram: @_peytonfish


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