I’m Coming Out – an interview with Rebecca Gunter

Being Yourself, Staying Inspired

& Loving Every Minute Of It

What happens when you bring an ex-entrepreneur on as your second in command? You get sh*t done! Rebecca Gunter and I have known each other for YEARS. When she joined the Sisarina Crew in August 2015, we had no idea she would go from being a momentary fill-in to our Chief Coffee Officer rocking projects, front-line sales, and general rockstardom in branding. And I get to interview her on the podcast!


Rebecca brings her full self to the microphone and tells us about her how her 8-year-old daughter Lucinda’s energy and her dad thriving with Dementia keeps her inspired. Lately, Rebecca is learning a ton about cultural things, #thingsmillennialsdo, and technology from the younger generation around her along with marketing, copywriting, and branding. Tony, our podcast producer, snuggles with her, she comes out of the closet & tells us how she's decided to love herself as she is, and explains how she knows what people need before they know themselves.


In this episode, you’ll get the inspiration to be yourself, no matter what other people are trying push on you. Plus, you’ll find out why I love Rebecca so darn much. 

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