How To Unsuck the Hiring Process for Everyone Involved

Because why do resumes still exist?

Have you ever had a job you hated? Have you ever had to hire someone? The frustration of the process of getting a job is so similar to going to the DMV. It’s the same frustration level on both sides. We can’t fix the DMV but we CAN rock the hiring process.


The Sisarina Crew gets together at the Bikram Podcasting Studio (ha!) at Sisarina HQ to share the horrible things they’ve seen at their own jobs, the insanity of the hiring process, and what they've had to do to pay rent. We talk about how culture = profitability, how to research to make sure you’re the right fit for the job, and also how to make sure employees are happy. 


In this episode, you’ll find out why the Sisarina Crew likes to hang out together and how that camaraderie changes the perspective you have on the normal weekday drudgery. We even leave you with our top tips for how to find the best possible job for you. Shoutout to Rob Bell and the RobCast at the very end.


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