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How To Make Friends With Your Story

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It All Starts With One Step

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’ve been promising yourself you’ll write “that story.”

The story that shows up in your brain space at 3am – waking you to tell you it’s time to write it.
The story that gives you a twinge of jealousy when you watch someone else sharing their own story and crushing it.
The story that gives you all of the anxiety because sharing it would mean you were vulnerable.
The story that gives you imposter syndrome and you’re worried you might cry when you share it.
The story that makes you feel like you could be judged because no one else has ever been through something like it.
The story that will help others finally heal/learn/grow/be better – and yet… it’s stuck inside you.

What if I told you that writing “that story” doesn’t have to be that hard? That 90 days from today, it would be written and shared with the world?

SPEAK With Confidence 90-Day Challenge workbook & coffee Well, it doesn’t – it doesn’t have to be that hard – AND it will be ready. IF you take the first step.

Hi! In case you don’t know me – I am Melanie Spring. I’m an international keynote speaker and speaker trainer – and it’s my job to amplify YOUR voice. As much as I love speaking from stage, my real purpose is to help humans tell their own stories.

I have this fancy gift of seeing through the bullshit into someone who has an itch to tell their story. To see when they’re ready to write their own story down and share it with others. To see when something is stopping them from sharing it.

The biggest problem with that itch? It can come with a twitch. A twitch that says things like:
“But what if no one cares?”
“What if no one likes it?”
“What if it doesn’t matter?”
“What if my story is boring?”
“What if my story doesn’t resonate?”
“What if I cry when I share it?”
“What if people laugh at me?”

Let me make something really clear – YOUR STORY MATTERS. Period.

Now that I’ve said that – I also want to say: Maybe you don’t think you have “a talk” inside of you. That’s ok! Or maybe you have NO idea which stories of yours really matter. That’s ok, too. You DO have a story. And that’s the most important part.

Make friends with your story.

That means you have to stop being so damn judgmental about your story.

Maybe – maybe not. But most people are – which is why they don’t share their story.

Let me explain it this way: When you make friends with another human being, you don’t start with “I don’t like you” or “I don’t trust you”, you are start with “ooh, you’re cool!” or “You’re a lot like me.” You don’t begin a friendship with judgment or frustration or even anger – you start with a conversation. You start from a simple place of love – or, at the very least, LIKE. You want them to like you, you want to like them. You want the best for them right away. Lisa Klein giving a talk

What if you were that way with your story? What if you started from a place of love – or, at the very least, LIKE for your story? WHAT IF you made friends with your story and asked it questions and really listened to the answers?

When I first launched the SPEAK With Confidence 90-Day Challenge, I told everyone they could write a talk in 90 days. And a lot of them did. But there is always this group of “others” who sit in Chapter 1.  The chapter that helps them find all of their stories.

They sit in Chapter 1, complain about it, cry about it, learn from it, go deeper with it, get frustrated with it, and eventually come back for another round of the Challenge to get into Chapters 2-7. And for that group of others, Chapter 1 is exactly what they needed. They NEEDED to make friends with their story. They NEEDED to learn how to stop judging their story. They NEEDED to fall in love with their story. They NEEDED time with their story.

What would happen if you dug a little bit – and found out that your story really truly mattered? And then you wrote a talk about it? And then you gave that talk about it? And other people’s lives changed because you finally shared it? Well, THAT would prove that making friends with your story could make a difference in the world.

And then you’d prove me right.

Or you could try to prove me wrong – by making friends with your story and it not working out after all.

Either way – at least you tried. Right?

So… are you in?

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