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HERadventures: Our First Adventure

Our First Adventure: The Carolinas!


May 16-20, 2016

Leaving Washington, DC – May 16

Enjoying Charlotte, NC – May 17

Rocking Greenville, SC – May 18

Loving Raleigh, NC – May 19

Hitting Richmond, VA – May 20

Returning to Washington DC – May 20

Mary & Melanie jumped in the MINI (AKA Roxie Jean – The HotRod Machine) & headed through the beautiful Carolinas on May 16. They sang songs on the radio (wait, people listen to the radio?!), went ziplining through treetops, and found new adventures. In between, they had conversations with incredible women about the adventures of their lives along with photographing them for the project. 

First Stop: Charlotte, NC


Second Stop: Greenville, SC




An Adventure: GoApe!

Third Stop: Raleigh, NC


Final Stop: Richmond, VA




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