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“I stand in the light that’s shining on me and through me.”

– Kimberly Y. Moore

Not many of us get to manifest the human we’d like to work with only to have that person show up within 24 hours, but that’s the story of how Kimberly met me (Melanie). In the first episode of this season's HERadventures, you get to sit with me & Mary in Washington, DC as we get to know Kimberly Y. Moore.


We learn of the woman behind Go Together, a community building platform that matches carpooling services for students, and the adventure her life has been. It all begins with the fierce determination of a nine-year-old who changed her birth name. Then we learn about using a fashion show as a weapon against segregation along with finding the strength necessary to accept opportunities as they arrive – even in the form of jobs we are overqualified for.

Kimberly’s journey has been one of growth, inspiration, and developing routines that remind herself she’s enough – and goodness, don’t we all need that?!



Mary takes a picture of Kimberly in D.C.



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Kimberly Y. Moore is co-founder of GoTogether.

In her words: Kimberly is Intentional, Inspired by Faith, Fearless, Focused, Grace giving


Instagram: @journey2theone

LinkedIn: Kimberly Moore

Twitter: @kymoore1


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