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Get off your couch & give it away

Not really, but maybe

“I like to help people get OFF the couch… and you’re giving people couches! We can still be friends.” – Kris Kaplan, K2 Coaching

This past weekend, I was called by a girlfriend to meet her at an address and not ask any questions. We ended up putting on elf hats and delivered Christmas gifts to needy families in the DC area. One of the women had zero furniture in her home so I went back the next day and dropped off a couch and a lamp. I had just ordered a new couch and couldn't think of a more deserving & grateful human than this woman.

During our mutual Q1 2017 planning meeting, Kris Kaplan and I were talking about gifts for clients, gifts for family and my elving this weekend. Kris does outstanding gifting including sending pink bubble wrap to a friend who flipped over his bike so we wanted to share our thoughts with you. Instead of "selling" with swag, doing something nice for someone else reminds them of you more than your logo on a mug.

While you're in the midst of your holiday spirit, don't forget about those who have nothing. If the holidays start stressing you out,  get out and do something for someone else. If you wonder what to do for your clients, give back and get them to help you. Listen in to get into the gifting spirit and get off the couch & do something about it. HAPPY GIFTING!

This podcast episode even has video outtakes – because you’re welcome.

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