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Finding You

Because hating yourself is so yesterday

You know what’s really hard to hear? 

“I hate myself.”

SMASH. That’s not ok. No one should ever feel that way.

When we were thinking of what this podcast should be about, I was perplexed. I had so many topics and wanted to find a way to generate more business for Sisarina. We thought about how we could teach people brand and strategy. We came up with ways to share marketing tips. We even thought it might be interesting to make it workshop-y. None of it fit.

Until one day I had enough of people moping around talking about how much they hated their lives. Hated their bodies. Hated their jobs. Hated themselves. CRASH.

As soon as people start talking about the things they hate about themselves, I fly into overdrive and want to do anything in my power to help put their ship back together and out to sea. Want to know why?

I’m here to be a lighthouse.

I don’t want anyone to smash on the shore. I want everyone on the ocean sailing exactly the way they’re supposed to be sailing. In whatever sized ship they’re meant to sail. How’s THAT for a metaphor?

This series, Finding, is all about you. It’s about finding your light – from the inside out. It’s about finding yourself, your joy, your strength, your purpose, your direction, and your freedom.

This week we start with Finding You. We’ll get straight to the heart of why you don’t feel like you can care about yourself and who

I was inspired to create this episode when one of the reviews on this podcast was “I may be nobody to most but this podcast made me ‘somebody’ to me.” It was time to get real and talk about the real questions we all have about our lives and why they’re meaningful.

Go grab your sticky notes and listen in. I’ll challenge you to write down all of the things you want to believe about yourself and give you a way to remind yourself daily. Listen in to find out how to find YOU.

This podcast series even comes with a video series

 Or listen in as usual:


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