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Finding Strength – To Get Up & Do The Thing (+video)

Tell those little demons to fly off.

"Today, I realized that I need my own Melanie.” – last week's status update on my Facebook page. I had a sudden realization that I was empty. I had run out of inspiration and needed someone to inspire me. I needed someone to hug me, tell me that I’m amazing, and tell me to pick myself up off the floor and do the thing. (My mom lives too far away to do it, but she definitely tried.) I needed someone to tell me that the little voices flitting around inside my head weren’t telling the truth. “You’re going to fail. You’re not good enough. No one likes you. You are dumb. No one cares what you think. Don’t bother." 

But those little demons are BLEEP-holes. Loud ones.

You’ve heard them before. We all have. The demons start telling us the things we don’t need to be hearing and we LISTEN to them. Then it becomes a loop. An endless loop that won’t leave our heads.

WHY!? Why do we listen? Oh yeah, because we’re human. And this negative self-talk, these thoughts, these mini "Debbie Downers," they’re really persuasive little suckers who are slick and sell you their “truths” in a non-sales-y kind of way. But they’re liars. They don’t know you. They just know how to poke at you and get you to stop doing the thing you’re meant to do.

This series, Finding, is all about you. It’s about finding your light – from the inside out. It’s about finding yourself, your joy, your strength, your purpose, your direction, and your freedom.

This week, Finding Strength has Melanie come in to give me a pep talk. Wait… Melanie? Aren’t you Melanie? Yep. Melanie gives Melanie a pep talk. She knows me the best and knows exactly what’s going on in my head. She knows why I had a tough week – but she also knows it’s all bullsh*t. 

Go grab your tissues (I definitely needed them), lay on the floor if you need to, and listen in. (NOTE: Do NOT watch the video if you can’t handle someone crying.) As much as I’m b*tching myself out for being ridiculous, I’m also the voice inside your head giving you the pep talk you need. Listen in to find out how to find the strength to get up and do the thing.


This podcast series even comes with a video series


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