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Finding Alignment

Life changes. What’s your reset button?

What happens when you have a well-defined brand, but it’s not really YOU anymore? Sometimes the brand that you started out with  —  the one that got you out there and paid  — looked like success. But if it’s not you anymore, you can feel trapped inside your own brand. And what’s worse is that you’re attracting people but they’re not YOUR people.  

It’s hard to crawl back from misalignment. Life changes and so does your brand. Finding alignment means finding what floats your boat and then getting out there and doing that thing – whatever your thing is. If circumstances have changed, or you’ve evolved in other ways, finding alignment is all about your destiny in your own way.

It takes guts to live “on brand.” Struggling people (and businesses) in a brand crisis are in misalignment. And that can lead to mistrust. If this feels “too real,” stop the presses and boil everything down to what is really at the essence or the core of your brand. That’s the hard part. But it’s so worth it. When you know who you are, you can market the heck out it!

This series, Finding, is all about you. It’s about finding your light – from the inside out. It’s about finding yourself, your joy, your strength, your purpose, your direction, and your freedom.

This week is about Finding Alignment. Cheney and Rebecca talk about people who feel trapped in their own brand, how to identify misalignment and then get re-aligned. Listen in to find out how a little self awareness — and a lot of tweaking — can lead to really rocking your life.

This podcast episode even has video outtakes – because you’re welcome.

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