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Finding Adulthood – What’s the big deal, anyway?

If your 13-year-old self came to the current you, what would you have to say for yourself?

Thinking about how our teenaged-selves would judge our modern-day selves gives us a lot to chew on. How many of our God-given talents have faded into the background and become something more like how we’re told we “should” do things? But how stoked would our tiny selves be with our families, careers, and friendships now?

No schooling can fully prepare us for this insanity called Adulthood. The end of high school or college opens up a world of independence, whether we’re ready for it or not. We get our knees scraped & scarred in the time it takes to get from graduate to grown-up.

Just because your grown-up report card isn’t all A’s doesn’t mean you haven’t done a great job. We’re all out there, trying to find our way – without a guidebook. Get the idea out of your head that our friends shouldn’t see (or hear) about our failures and wrecks. Check in with your inner child about how you’re doing with this thing called life.

This series, Finding, is all about YOU. It’s about finding your light – from the inside out. It’s about finding yourself, your joy, your strength, your purpose, your direction, and your freedom.

This week is about Finding Adulthood. Rebecca, Cheney and I swap stories about our own ideas of adulthood, and the taxes you have to pay – not only to the IRS – to feel like a grown-up. Give your 13-year-old self  the space to own the heck out of your life. Listen in and feel inspired to to rock your life as hard as your tiny person would want you to. Because #adulting.

This podcast episode even has video outtakes – because you’re welcome.

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