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It’s finally happened, kickass humans.

I launched a new brand. A spankin’ new brand! Branding a brand expert has been no small feat. And not in the way you would think. 

Not once did I ever believe I would ever own another brand – ever. SISARINA FOR LIFE! And anyone who thought differently would get punched in the face. I was adamant that Sisarina was it. Until I let it all go – my business, my list of services, my entrepreneur clients, my employees – even the brand voice. I stepped in front of it all and created a whole new brand – one that sells one product: ME!


Not long ago, my crew asked me a pivotal question that would start a ripple in my own life – changing my direction and allowing me to take the next step. The question? “If you didn’t have any responsibilities, what would you do instead?” My answer: “Write a book & teach.”


The only problem was, I had every excuse in the book as to why I HAD to keep Sisarina. Why I HAD to keep my crew, my clients, my responsibilities. Why I absolutely COULDN’T go write a book and teach. And I held onto those stories – and made them my own. Like I had for YEARS before that question. 


Stories are how we connect to each other. We’re humans talking to humans about human things. But most people forget about the human element and start talking in bullet points and PowerPoints about all the things they do. The stories are what keep us together. They’re how we build relationships.


Every single one of us has a story inside of us. We have stories. Our companies are filled with humans who have stories. Our companies have stories. Stories are everywhere – yet most of us never share them. Most of us keep our stories to ourselves. And it’s because we don’t believe anyone will care about our stories. We hide them thinking we’re the only ones with that particular story. Until we share them and start finding the weirdos just like us who were hiding their own stories.


Our stories aren’t for us – the good, the bad and the ugly isn’t ours to keep. When we share our stories, we create little ripples. The more people we share our stories with, the more ripples we create. One person is touched by our story and they share it with another. The more impact that ripple makes, the bigger the ripple becomes until it slowly becomes a fast-moving wave crashing on a distant shore. We have NO idea the impact we end up making, but I know for certain that if we don’t share our stories, zero impact is made.


I didn’t start sharing my story until about a year ago. My story of being too much and how when I owned who I was, I became wild & free. (But you’ll have to come listen to my Rock Your Life talk to find out more.) Finding my story allowed me to share it and when I shared it, I heard how much it touched others. One woman said: “I may be nobody to most but now I am somebody to me.” Stories are powerful. 


When we find out who we are, our stories start coming to the surface. When we stand in our own personal brands (yes, each of us has one, we just have to define it), we stand in a humble confidence that gives us the power to change lives. Our personal brands show up at home, at work, and with our friends. Our personal brands go before us and make sure people are talking about us – but if we don’t define our own brands, others will define them for us.


My personal brand is Approachable Badass.


The approachable part makes sure I get to know you really well by making you feel so comfortable you WANT to tell me things. The badass part goes deeper and further and ends up pushing you off the edge of a cliff you’ve been staring at for years – it’s the part that makes things a little uncomfortable. Together, we're able to find the stories you forgot were even in there – the human stories – whether you’re a person or a company. And I’m REALLY good at it. It’s my purpose – my superpower if you will.


Which leads me to launching Branded Confidence by Melanie Spring – a brand of confidence by a human who finally stepped into who she was called to be. And who wants to show you how to do the same for yourself.


This gives me a platform to help you create those stories and share them. Branded Confidence was built to give brands – the personal ones AND the corporate ones – the courage to be what they were made to be. To find their purpose, understand the core of who they are, and make sure they attract the humans and clients they deserve.


When your brand is confident, you walk into every room with poise, tenacity and a fearless grit.


You know who you are, what you stand for, and how to talk about it – personally and professionally. And then you can share the story of who you are with the world.


Which is what I’m finally doing myself.


Your turn: Ask yourself “If I didn’t have any responsibilities, what would I do instead?” Then write down all of the excuses, the stories you're telling yourself about why you can't do the thing you want to do – and burn it. Then go do the thing you want to do. Or, at the VERY least, take the first step. 


Thanks for being a part of my story. I can’t wait to be a part of yours.

Melanie Spring


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