Don’t Warm Up On Your Audience

“If you’re not clear about what you want,
your audience won’t be clear either.” – Julie Hansen

As Julie Hansen walked into my home, I KNEW we were going to get along. Her confident demeanor, outstanding style, and personal brand were on point – so we sat down to get to know each other on the podcast. She handed me her book, Act Like A Sales Pro, and proceeded to give me the deep dive into who she is, how she got here, and where she’s going. I’ll let her tell you about that journey – we packed all this goodness into 45 minutes.

Join us as Julie gives you the insider’s view of your sales presentations – because everyone is selling something. Yes, even you. From ticks & distractions to habits & respecting your audience – she even confirms my constant reminders to speakers to PRACTICE. Listen in, figure out your intention for your audience, DON’T WING IT, and go spark the magic!

Introvert with an inner extrovert, lifelong student, passionate teacher, humor fan, ultra-responsible



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