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HERadventures: Sehar & Caprece

“Just do something every day.” – Caprece

How many of us have had friendships lasting more than 30 years?! Goodness, I hope to find that kind of bond. Hanging at Mary’s studio in Baltimore,  Mary & I chatted with two icons of Baltimore’s artists scene: Caprece & Sehar. 

Upon meeting, I told Caprece I wanted hair like hers – I had to stop her from taking it off and giving it to me. These women were creative forces and were wearing it – literally. Caprece shares stories of her world travels, ambitions for her family, and how she keeps herself motivated. Sehar is a designer who has been molding and creating textiles for years as founder of Urban Masala, a globally-inspired wearable art company, and is finally learning the value of taking care of herself.

Not only have these women seen each other grow and develop over 30 years of friendship, they still find ways to encourage each other to continue creating. They also make it a point to curate a thriving scene for other artists in their community and share a beautiful view of the future. Listen in to shut the door on fear & soar. 



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Caprece Jackson-Garret is a publicist, marketing strategist, and event producer.

In her words: Caprece is a chronic fashionista, aDOREs expressing aesthetic perspective through wearable embellishment, the mother of two aMAZING daughters, an F.I.T. graduate, former Playboy Bunny who lived in Paris, France for five years, and covered the collections in Paris and Milan during the 80's.

Instagram: @bonneaucaprece



Sehar Peerzada is owner of Urban Masala.

In her words: Sehar is a wearable art innovator, creating limited edition hand block printed clothing. She is inspired by the entire African diaspora, studied fashion history-which for her begins in Africa. Sehar is also a costume designer, working for live theater and performers, and values her roles as a mother/wife/friend.

Instagram: @urbanmasala1

Facebook: Urban Masala


Etsy Store: UrbanMasalaE

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