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Communicating with Purpose & Design

“It’s not about how it looks, it’s about what it communicates.”

– Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli is the UX guy.

He’s done it all – from running a print design firm to jumping on the user interface design platform when the internet was small enough to start with a lowercase “i”. After 26 years of coaching clients and corporations on how to build stuff that humans can intuitively use, he’s written a book to complement his course – which has reached over 55,000 students. Joe also confessed he might move into my living room and never leave.

In this week’s podcast, Joe lets us in on his early adoption of the internet as more than just a “passing fad”, his definition of UX, and how communication is the heart of design. We also get to hear about his growth, riding the Dotcom boom, and how purpose should drive what creatives do. Joe also shares wisdom on how language can encourage listening – and when to pull a “Tom Hanks”. (Yeah, you’ll have to listen to find out.)

“It’s not about how it looks, it’s about what it communicates.” – Joe Natoli

How do you get rid of imposter syndrome? Find out Joe’s answer:

Joe found his calling while running a UX design firm. He watched the room light up as he got clarity on why humans get stuck at design roadblocks – including the frustration of an espresso machine.

At the end of the episode, we even get to listen in on his philosophy on the ups-and-downs of life- and the power of seeing value manifest itself.

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In his words: Joe is passionate, verbose, animated, truthful, sensitive.

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