Building a Legacy Through Storytelling

HERadventures: Louise & Paula

“The oral storytelling of our family is very rich.” – Louise

The bond between a mother and a daughter is a powerful bond. Especially in a big family filled with men.

In our final episode of this HERadventures series, Mary & I got a chance to sit in Baltimore with powerful mother-daughter duo, Louise and Paula. Louise is a mother of five children, is an attorney mediator, and the co-author of Being Relational: The Seven Ways to Quality Interaction and Lasting Change with her husband, William Senft. Her daughter, Paula grew up listening to her grandma sharing stories and is currently Associate Director of Admission at Friends School of Baltimore.

The stories of how the previous generations have influenced both women is astounding. Growing up in a sea of men has brought Louise and Paula closer – and allowed them to create a girl-gang within their own family – and made them stronger women together. It’s beautiful to listen to the emphasis they place on making sure their grandparents’ stories make it to the next generation and the work they do to keep their family’s history alive. Listen in to get inspired to start collecting your own family’s stories.





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Louise Phillip Senft is an award winning attorny mediator and co-author of Being Relational: The Seven Ways to Quality Interaction and Lasting Change.

In her words: Louise is determined, a believer, open, compassionate, a mother, insightful, and a leader.

Twitter: @QualityDialogue

Facebook: Louise Phipps Senft

Facebook: Baltimore Mediation

LinkedIn: Louise Phipps Senft

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Book Website:



Paula Senft is Associate Director of Admission at Friends School of Baltimore.

In her words: Paula is loving, empathetic, a bridge-builder and hardworker.

Instagram: @phunns

Facebook: Paula Senft

LinkedIn: Paula Senft

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