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Brainstorm Like A Boss

“I like a good story well told. That is why I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.” – Mark Twain

If you haven’t heard of SPEAK With Confidence yet, you’ve taken the summer off from the internet. Good for you! To catch you up, we’re getting ready for our October Accelerator and not only is it BIGGER than before with a super fun 3-day 4-night agenda, I’m giving more of it away to you before it even begins! You are entering a 7-week podcast series on the 7 chapters for the SPEAK With Confidence workbook and online course – and you get it all FREE – right here on the podcast.

Warning: If you don’t want to get better at facilitating workshops, giving presentations, asking for a raise, or giving talks on stages, skip this series altogether.

If you want to rock your talks, the next 7 weeks will give you everything you need.

For week 1, let’s get all of your ideas out of your head.

CRAFT YOUR TALK: Brainstorm Like A Boss (but not your boss)

Most people jump right into writing their talks when they’re building one out and so many jam-pack it with all sorts of things that aren’t necessary just because they have something to talk about. Dumping out your brain allows you to see all of your stories and ideas for what they are and where they fit. Let’s start by getting your ideas and stories organized, let’s look at your intellectual property (IP) in a new way, and remember the great stories and data that can help you support the big idea you’re sharing on stage.

After we get it all organized, we’ll look into finding your niche, creating a methodology, and establish yourself as an expert – all before you even start crafting your talk. Yup, Chapter 1 of SPEAK With Confidence is FILLED with information! Listen to the podcast episode below:

As we cover the first chapter of the SPEAK With Confidence course and workbook, think of all the places your IP comes from & let us know if you make any fun discoveries in the Kickass Humans Club.

THE DISH METHOD: I mentioned it in this episode so go check out to get started.

SPEAK With Confidence: Stop wishing you were on that stage & write the dang talk: I’ll even send you the fancy-schmancy workbook you’re hearing about.

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